Camera control

Camera systems for the screw neck tube production lines

Quality and innovation are very important for NAFVSM. Investments are made continuously to improve the production process which results in improving the quality of the products. On every screw neck tube production line is a modern camera system installed. The system optimises the quality control of our screw-neck tubes.

What does this mean for our customers?

Our customers also strive to deliver the highest quality. We offer customers with our camera system 100% quality control on our screw neck tubes. Tubes that do not meet the required tolerances are automatically excluded from the production process. The measurements are transferred into digital measurement reports, which can be send to our customers.

How does the camera system function?

The camera system produces a video signal with which we can determine the position of the edges of the product. After the right calibration and algebraic link is made of the edge the system will provide the user the correct measured values. Through the contactless measurements, the system controls all the important values for the production of the screw neck tubes.

With our camera control we can measure a maximum of twenty different dimensions of the screw neck tubes such as:

  • Diameter opening
  • Diameter outside screw-thread
  • Screw-thread core diameter
  • Length of neck
  • Width
  • Total length

The images and results of the controls are projected on a screen next to the production line. It is also possible for our machine operators and quality service to receive this information real time by using a computer or with an app on a mobile phone. This enables us to stay continuously up to date with the quality and results of our production line.

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